Heraeus Spain

History Heraeus, S.A. Was established as a subsidiary of the German group Heraeus, and as such we are responsible for the introduction and distribution of most of the products and Heraeus materials, both in the Spanish market and in Portugal. 

Our offices in Barcelona is where we commercialize the products and materials of the divisions Heraeus Noblelight Gmbh. And there we offer extensive coverage throughout the Peninsular territory. 

During more than 35 years of commercial activity, Heraeus, S.A., has the experience and the proven quality of our products, in Constant evolution and development. We also have the support that gives us a Heraeus, active for more than 160 years, who promotes and participates in the constant innovations occurring in the different sectors of the industries in which we participate 

The continuous training of our staff, is in constant relationship with the department´s Technicians of the different divisions, allows us to offer a pre and post sale service, and an advice with which to accompany our clients in their development, offering Solutions of last generation and adapted to their productions. Our commitment to quality and the environment is ratified through our Certificates ISO 9001 (Quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management).


HERAEUS, S.A. Seeks to meet the highest quality standards in order to offer the best Service to its customers. Since 1996 HERAEUS, S.A. Has an advanced Management System of the Quality according to UNE-EN ISO 9001, guaranteed by the TÜV certification nº 01 100 062932. ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate

Commitment to environmental impact

HERAEUS, S.A. Establishes as a firm goal the carrying out of all its activities with the máximum respect to the environment, through the commitment to comply with the legislation and Regulations, pollution prevention and Of the company's Environmental Management System.


Heraeus products, whatever the area: chemistry, steel, medicine, automotive, Semiconductors, electronics, telecommunications or aerospace; Are, virtually, In any field of industry.. 

It is surprising to know that we interact daily with Heraeus technology without knowing it. Many of the products we have developed are not obvious at first sight, either because they are precious metals such as platinum, temperature sensors, dental and medical products, Quartz crystals or beacause they are special light sources.

This technology is found in products as current as mobile phones, in most of automobiles, computers and also within the human body. 

We also work to orient our products, related to Energy, Mobility, Communication, Health and the Environment, towards the future and because of this, we work directly with our customers. 

At Heraeus, we also help protect the environment and improve our quality of life with Intelligent and Innovative products that carry out their work anonymously, almost Invisible, but very effective.

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