With Ecology and Efficiency Towards Security and Saving

What is the Nodorgras System

It is a system that uses Vacuum Ultraviolet Synthetic Quartz lamps. Installed inside the kitchen hood, and cleans the extracted air of grease, preventing the formation of deposits and practically eliminates the odor in the extraction. 

In addition a computerized system adapts the intensity of the lamp, as well as that of the exhaust ventilation. All this taking into account the hygiene and safety for the user and with a simple handling.

What the Nodorgras System Provides

1º Lower Accumulation of Fat

2º Less Smell Issue

3º Regulates the Electrical Consumption

Benefits of Less Fat Accumulation

It eliminates the danger of fires, and accumulations 

Great reduction of cleaning and maintenance expenses 

Increased extraction efficiency

Prolonging the life of the ventilation 

Increase of hygiene in the installation 

Less environmental pollution, grease and fumes and less use of cleaning chemicals that is usually aggressive.

Benefits of Minor Emission of Odor

Greater ease of compliance with municipal regulations

Lowest number of neighborhood complaints

Better image of your business  

Possibility of incorporating more efficient heat recovery systems  

Adapt to new incoming European regulations

Benefits of Electric Regulation

By self-regulating the intensity of the consumption of the lamp and the ventilation,you get a very considerable saving. Together with the reduction of expenses in cleaning and maintenance, will save a lot of money and that way the equipment will be amortizing very fast

How is the Nodorgras System?

How Nodorgras Works

The heart of grease and odor destruction, is the leading vacuum ultraviolet lamp in the

market for ultraviolet lamps, Heraeus technology, efficiency and quality, works even

under temperatures of 80 ° C, where the others no longer yield. At 185 nm. , adds to

photolysis, ozonolysis and in synergy destroy fat, odors, germs ...

Its duration is guaranteed 10,000. Hours

How Nodorgras helps the Environment

Photolysis by photofission, with highly energetic photons at the wavelength of 185 nm. It breaks down fatty and odorous compounds and breaks them down into environmentally compatible components, neutralizes odors from the air and makes it reusable. Ozone, by ozone O³, oxidizes the fat molecules and as it is a gas, expands through the hood and ducts, avoiding dirt and germs.

Degradation Rate of Harmful Substances, 
Adding Hydrogen Peroxide H²O²
 And Ozone O³,

How Nodorgras Protects
Your Security

Ozone is one of the best disinfectants that exists; and to obtain only benefits, NODORGRAS installs a wind sensor; if the extraction does not work, the lamp does not turn on, and the risks disappear.

VUV rays can damage the vision, if you try to remove a filter by carelessness, without precaution, the sensor detects it and the system shuts off, disappearing the risk.

How Nodorgras Reduces Power Consumption and Saves

A sensor sends orders to the lamp and the extraction when you cook more or less and with this data, the power required in each case is managed for both the lamp and the exhaust ventilation. So when cooking little, the lamp and the extraction are not to ceiling, this will save you, well over 50% of the electrical expense, and the duration of the components.

Can I Install Nodorgras In my Hood?

One of the few requirements that is needed to install the system is that the bell is made of stainless steel, and that the filters are slats, which is fulfilled in a very high percentage. Since they are the most used materials. In order to appreciate the perfect functioning and condition of the hood, after hours of installing the system, a thorough pre-cleaning is always recommended.

Different Kitchens  
Different Nodorgras

Each kitchen requires custom equipments, so we study your particular case, visit the facility and ask you exactly what you need and how it needs to be installed. For example If you have a designer kitchen, you may prefer the model with a stainless finish.

Only then can we offer you a system to your liking, made according to the characteristics it requires, so that you do not overpay.

Advantages of the VUV Heraeus Light

The minimum space required allows easy installation in existing ventilation systems. High efficiency with Heraeus UV light by the Longlife single coating: it grants extraordinary long life, even in the VUV spectrum of shortwave, guarantee of the lamps 10,000 h.

Easy drive  

Few lamps and accessories needed  

Compact installations 

No addition of chemicals 

Almost maintenance-free procedure  

Low service and investment costs

Ultraviolet Vacuum
Ultraviolet C

There are lamps of Ultraviolet C, that are cheaper, that work between 280 and 100 nm. The vacuum ultraviolet works between 10 and 200 nm.

While the UVC has a maximum of 12.4 eV per photon, the VUV at 185 nm is around 115 eV.

In addition, our HERAEUS synthetic quartz lamps can work at 80 ° C and low pressure UVC tubes, optimally perform between 20 ° and 30 ° C. They require more maintenance, last fewer hours and the cost of reactances is higher throughout the life of your system and produce 50% less ozone.

At 16000h. The HERAEUS lamp yields 90%, losing only 10% efficiency