Integral System with the Best Vacuum Ultraviolet Lamps

We have selected the best lamps for this system

Vacuum Ultraviolet 185 nm. Provides us.

By means of high energy photons the photo fission is produced. The bonds of the fat and odor molecules are broken, destroying them and becoming compatible with the environment. These molecules of long chain, through direct photolysis, are transformed into harmless substances.

By ozonolysis we eliminate odors, harmful particles that are present in the air and avoid the appearance of molds and spores; OZONE is bactericidal and germicidal.

Characteristics of UV Radiation

Name Abbrevation Wavelength(nm) Photon Energy (eV)
Ultraviolet A (Long-wave UVA 400 – 315 3,10 – 3,94
Ultraviolet B (Medium-wave) UVB 315 – 280 3,94 – 4,43
Ultraviolet C (Short-wave) UVC 280 – 100 4,43 – 12,40
Near Ultraviolet NUV 400 – 300 3,10 – 4,13
Middle Ultraviolet MUV 300 – 200 4,13 – 6,20
Far Ultraviolet FUV 200 – 122 6,20 – 10,16
Lyman-alpha (Hydrogen) H Lyman-α / Ly-α 122 – 121 10,16 – 10,25
Vacuum Ultraviolet VUV 200 – 10 6,20 – 124
Extreme Ultraviolet EUV 121 – 10 10,25 – 124

Technical Characteristics & Specifications of VUV Lamps NIQ Series

Tipo Temperatura Tamanho Potência
NIQ 170/90 XL 40º - 80º C    900 mm 160 W.
NIQ 200/120 XL 40º - 80º C 1200 mm 200 W.
NIQ 290/155 XL 40º - 80º C 1554 mm 300 W.

Why HERAEUS Synthetuc Quartz

High purity and longer life

High UV transmission

High resistance to shortwave radiations

Manufactures its own quartz for your lamps and controls its quiality in its accredited laborary, sole on these measures in the UV market


The exclusive coating of Heraeus VUV lamps doubles its Efficiency and high power, giving them a minimum temperature tolerance of 80 ° C and ozone production at 185 nm. , 50% more than low-pressure UV lamps, whose optimum working temperature is 20-30 ° C, the Efficiency ratio is 1 to 10

The maximum efficiency through the life of the lamp,
lower maintenance and less freight on ballasts

Difference of fat loading in extraction

The Loading of the air with grease particles with diameters of 0.3 µm or greater; measured in the exhaust air duct (2.6 m, 9.0 m and 25.0 m) downstream of the hood filters of a kitchen hood; measured without UV radiation and with the UV radiation from a 150 W Heraeus lamp for use in kitchens;
Exhaust air flow rate: 1,200 m³/h at 25-30°C.

Summary of main benefits

1.- No fire hazard from grease deposits , the UV method affords best possible fire protection.

2.- Elimination of smells with UV light, enables circulating-air operation with heat recovery.

3.- UV light reduces emission problems, so that official conditions can be met or permits obtained.

4.- High-energy UV radiation, reduces grease deposits. This makes cleaning easier and saves costs.

5.- Reduction of kitchen operation downtimes, due to fast maintenance and easy installation of the UV system.